Zakary has been published in more than 60 magazines, His photos have been used for packagings, DVDs, CDs, Billboards, He has presented several photo exhibitions all around the world. Zakary is also the author of three books. He is working on two news books for 2016 and 2017.

The World’s Greatest Magicians
(on sale 2021)

Another monumental book of Black & White photographs. Zakary revisit the pure HOLLYWOOD vintage style of 1930’s and 1950’s. This book will collection the world’s greatest magicians shot around the world over 3 years. This book will be first published in a limited edition of 200 signed copies just before FISM 2021 (World’s Championships of Magic in Canada). The regular version will be sold in July 2021 in Canada at FISM and then directy from this website.

20 years of magic photography
(on sale 2021)

Zakary next printed piece will be monumental. It will present nearly 20 years of photographs of magicians that Zakary has captured. This project has taken twenty years scouting the entire world to create images that make the great split. Zakary likes to take risks, and he shows it in his works. From the classical Black & White, all the way to commercial posters, with really outstanding stage shots and funny colorful portraits in between. Pre-orders will begin in 2017.

Booklet for the 70th Anniversary of FISM by Zakary BELAMY
28 pages of World’s Greatest Magicians
(Sold out)

Zakary has published and offered only 1000 copies of his new booklet in Busan (South Korean) in July 2018 for the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the World Championships of Magic. 

Coming soon

Zakary is devoting a book of his Taiwanese model Jane Fang shot over 3 years in Taiwan. A real complicity that will surprise you with different characters and universes in each image but with always the same Jane and the same Zakary.

VISION of Lu Chen by Zakary Belamy
Sold out

There’s no doubt about it: next to David Copperfield, Lu Chen is one of the world greatest magicians. He’s also a top Asian star. Since 2010, he has worked closely with Zakary, in his native island of Taiwan. Zakary’s shooting sessions with Lu Chen in the USA, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan have yielded a collection of works that Zakary simply refers to as “VISION”.

DOUBLE FACES by Zakary Belamy
Sold out

This is Zakary’s first book, published in 2004, on the eve of his incredible international roadshow, with a series of photographic exhibitions in Asia and Europe. The book illustrates Zakary’s beginnings, working with French magicians.

ART & ILLUSIONS of Francis Tabary by Zakary Belamy
Sold out

A booklet with a creative double theme – ART & ILLUSIONS. Who could better illustrate this concept than Francis Tabary. Francis Tabary is a great collector of magical art pieces but also the 1991 World Champion of Magic.

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