Around the world, what people says about Zakary Belamy?

Lu Chen

Zack, you are weird and crazy but so talented and professional. I love you. Both your work and you.

TV Host & Performer (China)

Jean-Francois Detaille

Shooting my show it is like trying to shoot an invisible ball at a tennis match, Zakary seems being able to see that ball, he is the only photographer I trust to shoot my show in the USA and anywhere else.

Extreme Art (USA)

Max Maven

His work is unpredictable. He shot people I know and he shot them in a way I didn’t expect. That’s really interesting and tells new things about these friends.

Mentalist (USA)

Cyril Takayama

Zakary is a real magician behind the lens. He never fails to amaze everyone with his vision. A true genius!

Celebrity & TV (Japan)

Walter Rolfo

Zakary is the best photographer of the magicians. His lens captures the essence of the magicians’s soul and shows to the public the “secret”, all that the eyes of the common people can’t see by themselves.

TV Producer @ Rai2 (Italy)

Paul Wilson

Zakary sees his subject in a way only a true artist can convey. With a few lights and a camera, he dances the line between genius and insanity.

Movie director (Scotland)

Richard Kaufman

Zakary Belamy is an insanely wonderful artist and photographer. The subjects of his photographs are turned into gods or demons–or both. Since Zakary himself is also both a god and a demon, this is entirely appropriate.

Publisher of books & Genii Magazine (USA)

David Williamson

A photo session with Zakary it’s just a day you won’t forget for a long time. Your images will follow you for the rest of your life.

Magician (USA)

Luis de Matos

We use 24 frames per second on TV to capture magic performances. Zakary used only 1 frame to capture all the essence, all the style, all the way to understand the art of magic.

TV, Performer at THE ILLUSIONISTS show (Portugal)


My partner Roxanne has a photo shot by Zakary and she’s still using it. People understand immediately what her HAIR ACT is all about. Zakary is the perfect choice.

Performer (Germany)

Shoot Ogawa

Zakary is the only one who can use photography to reveal magicians.

Magician (Japan)

David Sousa

Zakary understand deeply magic and magicians. I think his secret is because he started his career as a magician before to be a photographer in 1995.

World Champion of Magic (Portugal)

Lee Asher

Zakary has a real gift. He’s able to pull the essence of the world around you and capture all your emotions in a single frame. Simply put, his style of photography has and will continue to produce a profound effect on the magicians of the twenty-first century and beyond.

Magician (USA)

Kevin James

Zakary is a truely gifted photographer with a great eye for drawing out that “special something” from his subject

Performer at THE ILLUSIONISTS - the show (USA)

Gunther Guinelli

As a magician and a publisher of magic magazines I have never seen such high-quality photographs that not only capture the magician…but also the MAGIC itself.

Magazine publisher (Belgium)

Boris Wild

Zakary is unique. His style is unique. And you also are unique. Look no further if you want to promote your talents with the most unique photos. Zakary will transcend your image like nobody else.”

Magician (France)


Zakary is a magician in his own right: as a person he appears and disappears, leaving us wondering and leaves us with wonderful photographs that are miracles in themselves in the way he captivates magicians in their performing personalities. A treasure.

Magician (Holland)


You have brought artist-portraits storming into this century.

Entertainers (Germany)

Ger Copper

Almost every magician, no matter how famous they are, they are using his pictures.

World Champion of Magic (Holland)

Gerrit Brengman

There are magic photographers; there are good magic photographers; there are excellent magic photographers and… there is the unequalled Zakary Belamy.

Long ago Irving Desfor showed us great magicians in great moments, but it took quite some time before magicians of recent times could be immortalized in a way worthy of their talent. Zakary Belamy keeps proving that he’s the man we have been waiting for.

FISM Vice President (Belgium)

Marvin Berglas

You are a star and the best photographer in the world…plus great guy

Mannufacturer (UK)

Albert Tam

Zakary Belamy, a magician without a wand but with a camera, his MAGIC made me be Albert Tam.

Magician (Hong Kong)


Zakary is such a creative brain, original on his own way. His artwork is an inspiration for every human being. Less is more is a perfect translation of his magical creations

Dancer & Performer (Holland)

Tony Binarelli

Your photo is one of my best, you are a real magician for photos.

Magician (Italy)

Christian Schenk

Zakary is an outstanding artist.
I always admire his work and finally had the chance to work with him. The results speak for themselves. My old pictures taken by another studio do not even come close to what Zakary achieved. I am 100% satisfied.

Mannufacturer (Germany)

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